​Ringsted Maskinfabrik is today a modern company with customers in many different industries and businesses. 

We manufacture all kinds of subcontractor working with brass steel – stainless - nylon - plastic etc. primarily on high tech CNC machines with great tooling but also on conventional machines.

Furthermore, also metal processing, cutting, bending and punching jobs and Welding: Mig, Tig and bolt welding.

  • We also agreed to be stockholders with certain products.​
  • We work primarily by customer specific drawings from each customer.​
  • Our production ranges from 1 pc. to large batch sizes.​
  • We also like to do different surfaces of the finished parts.​

IT-wise, we followed well with the developments. We are running Navision Financials, which we attach great importance because the integrated processing.

Production wise we run Mastercam and DNC-Max to our CNC machines + Cimatron 3D. We use bar code system for our jobs / employee records.​​

We use extensively the Internet in terms of correspondence to our customers / suppliers where we can receive files as SAT (3D) and AutoCAD files and PDF files of drawings.

In addition, we have MS-office. We have previously been certified under ISO-9002, but has chosen to omit the external certification. We using the quality system and drive for quality manuals.

Currently we are 8 employees, including Director Hans Larsen, Project officer Henrik Christensen and our secretary/book keeper stands for the administration.​​​

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We work mainly according to customer-specific drawings from the individual customer.​

Our production ranges from 1 pc. for large series sizes.

We are also happy to provide surface treatment of finished parts.​

In terms of IT, we have followed developments closely. We run Navison-Financials, 365office and use Mastercam as programming tool.

We use secure internet connection and cloud solution in terms of correspondence to our customers / suppliers, where we prefer to receive files such as STEP files and PDF files of drawings.

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