CNC Turning

  • ​The technology in our department for CNC turning is the newest and is regularly updated.
  • We use CAD / CAM programming.
  • Through the File Manager manages our customer's drawing materials and production orders, which all our operators have access.
  • Our skilled and responsible operators can handle both single-unit production and large series.
  • We advise and guide happily customer for design and drawing equipment.
  • Our raw material warehouse is stocked with steel, stainless, aluminum and various plastics and etc.
  • We have excellent relationships with our quick and reliable raw material suppliers.

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We work mainly according to customer-specific drawings from the individual customer.​

Our production ranges from 1 pc. for large series sizes.

We are also happy to provide surface treatment of finished parts.​

In terms of IT, we have followed developments closely. We run Navison-Financials, 365office and use Mastercam as programming tool.

We use secure internet connection and cloud solution in terms of correspondence to our customers / suppliers, where we prefer to receive files such as STEP files and PDF files of drawings.

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